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Corporate Social Responsebility

Learn more about our projects, such as waterpumpdrilling, Groasis boxes, decriminalisation projects and bringing healthcare to those in need.  

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Risk consultancy services

In need of risk assessments, K9 prevention, Intelligence, risk management training or other risk and security services? Click below for more information about our services.

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Our Sales services

IBEX can help you you with the import and export of commodities and other goods internationally. Check out our services.

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Our Trade offers

Check out our current trade offers!

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What We Do

Risk assesments

Ibex can help you to prevent accidents, thefts, robberies and kidnapping and all other kind of threats we are facing in our daily live.

K-9 Prevention

Ibex can offer K9 and other technical solutions for a variety of K9 related prevention services. We offer experienced and certified experts to help to your particular situation.

Research & development

Ibex invest in the research and development in the fields of risk management, land development and corporate responsibility.

Risk management training

Ibex can help you with tailor made risk management training for your business.

Waterpump drilling

IBEX helps in cooperation with ngo’s to drill water puts for communities with a lack of clean water supply.

Basecamp X

Preventing youngsters from criminalisation and radicalisation with our outdoor and adventure knowledge centre.


IBEX Helps and supports ngo’s and the government with bringing healthcare to those who do not have acces to the most basic healthcare facilities.

In need of discrete security protection or assessment?

IBEX makes sure you and your team can do their jobs safely. We do so by discrete personal security and risk analysis. Contact us today!

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